LA ACTIVIST ARTICLE: On a typically hot July afternoon, Michael Hubman arrives at Gladys Park in his navy blue Volvo. He breaks out six gallon-sized jugs of water in a small crate and places it on a foldable cart. Before he can finish unpacking, many recognize him with a call: “Hey, water man!” ..
Welcome to Watercorps
At Watercorps we provide bulk drinking water to the homeless people living on the streets of Skid Row Los Angeles.
We are in need of volunteer help, aid in kind and cash donations.
Watercorps welcomes business and organizations (especially faith based) to become network partners. Help us provide drinking water to thirsty homeless people on Skid Row Los Angeles.
Michael "Waterman" Hubman
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Right To Share Food
Peoples Lobby for Economic Justice
Please contact Michael "Waterman" Hubman, founder Watercorps, human and homeless rights activist
Michael Hubman / Watercorps 620 East 1st Street, Los Angeles CA 90012
Telephone (714) 227-2217 e-Mail
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